Top Five Must-Read American Health Line Analysis & Insight of 2015

Topics: Care Delivery, Clinical Quality, Palliative Care, Health Care Reform, Children's Health Insurance Program, Medicare, Exchanges, Federal Government, Health Care Legislation, Providers

American Health Line's editors and writers covered some big topics this year, including the ongoing saga to replace Medicare’s sustainable growth rate formula and the Affordable Care Act’s open enrollment periods. Below, we round up American Health Line's top five must-read Analysis & Insight pieces.

Thinking About the End: How the U.S. Can Improve End-of-Life Care -- April 1
American Health Line examined end-of-life care in the U.S. and ways such care could be improved. Since then, Medicare has announced it will cover end-of-life counseling beginning next year. Looking back at this feature to see why having these discussions sooner rather than later is crucial to quality of care.

The Two-Midnight Rule, Explained -- April 20
American Health Line detailed what CMS' two-midnight rule means for hospitals and Medicare beneficiaries. The rule was finalized without change last month and will take effect on Jan. 1, 2016.

CHIP Funding Likely, But Timing Issues, Other Pitfalls Loom -- Feb. 9
The Children's Health Insurance Program was given a two-year reprieve when Congress repealed Medicare's sustainable growth rate in April. Two months earlier, American Health Line had navigated the potential pitfalls in securing CHIP funding and talked with experts whose predictions that Congress would re-authorize the program were spot-on.

A Critical Look at the SGR Replacement Plan -- March 26
After more than a decade of temporary patches to Medicare's sustainable growth rate, President Obama signed a bill (HR 2) to permanently replace the SGR into law in April. The measure also called for a transition to incentive-based payment models. We took a deep dive into the law's specifics, including its goals and its opposition.

Uncovering Who's Not Covered After the ACA's Second Open Enrollment Period -- May 5
American Health Line looked back at the Affordable Care Act's second open enrollment period, including who remained uninsured after the period ended. The ACA's third open enrollment period is currently underway.

-- by Rob Reeve