See how the ACA compares with the House and Senate health bills

Topics: Health Care Reform, Politics and Policy, Federal Government, Health Care Legislation

The American Health Line team put together the below chart to compare several key provisions and effects of the Affordable Care Act, the House-passed American Health Care Act (AHCA), and updated Senate health care bill discussion draft.

The chart isn't a comprehensive list of all the changes from the ACA—both the House and Senate bills, for instance, would repeal most of the health law's taxes (including on insurers and medical device makers) and provide market stabilization funds.

And it's important to note that several ACA provisions would also remain intact under both the House and Senate bills, including the law's provisions that:

  • Allow individuals to stay on their parent's insurance plans until age 26;
  • Established the CMS Innovation Center (CMMI) to test new Medicare and Medicaid payment and delivery system models; and
  • Established the Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB).

We'll update this chart as new information arises, including if, as is likely, there are additional changes to the Senate bill (called the Better Care Reconciliation Act, or BCRA).