After Sandy Hook, Addressing Mental Health Care

Topics: Health Care Reform, Federal Government, State Government, Mental Health, Public Health

A mass shooting at an elementary school in Newtown, Conn., in December 2012 served as a catalyst for state and federal lawmakers to reexamine and implement changes to mental health policies and services in dozens of states. 

The shooting followed a spate of similar incidents elsewhere in recent years, including two separate shootings in Arizona and Colorado, which drew significant national attention and helped spur early debate in Washington, D.C., about essential changes to the mental health system. 

American Health Line's Marcelle Maginnis checks in to see where the debate and the efforts to improve the system stand and what remains to be accomplished. 

Check below for a short presentation on the federal response during the year following the Sandy Hook shooting.

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  • For the complete report -- which includes the federal response, a timeline on mental health legislation and states' responses -- click here (.pdf) or on the image below.

After Sandy Hook, Addressing Mental Health Care