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The 8 ways to rebound after a grueling shift, according to veteran nurses

March 20, 2019

It is critical for nurses to be able to recover after a hard day at work, and three veteran nurses recently offered insight into how they reset and rebound after a tough shift.

There have been at least 11.8M flu-related hospitalizations so far this year, CDC data show

March 20, 2019

Between 25.5 million and 29.3 million people have been diagnosed with influenza so far this flu season, according to the latest CDC data.

Dementia-related deaths have tripled since 2000. See the rise, charted.

March 19, 2019

The number of dementia-related deaths has more than tripled since 2000, according to a report released Thursday by the National Center for Health Statistics—and while Alzheimer's disease is responsible for the biggest portion of those deaths in recent years, other types of dementia might be on the rise.

TAVR could be expanded to 20K+ new patients each year in light of new research

March 19, 2019

Two new studies suggest transcatheter aortic valve replacement is more effective than open heart surgery for low-risk patients—and that evidence might soon make its way to FDA .

What's driving higher drug spending in Medicare and Medicaid?

March 19, 2019

New data from CMS' Drug Spending Dashboards show drugs with only one manufacturer have driven the largest increases in Medicare and Medicaid drug spending.

Insurers have ideas on how to address surprise medical bills—but providers are pushing back

March 19, 2019

America's Health Insurance Plans and other large groups representing insurers on Monday urged congressional leaders to address so-called "surprise" medical bills by establishing set payment rates for care, but the American Hospital Association and Federation of American Hospitals quickly raised concerns about the proposal.

This woman's doctors 'shrugged off' her abdominal pain. (9 years later, they realized she had cancer.)

March 19, 2019

Amanda Kabbabe started experiencing a mysterious pain in her abdomen when she was 15 and, over the years, she presented her concern to three primary care doctors and four gynecologists, several of whom suggested her problem could be solved with dietary changes—but nine years after the pain began, she was correctly diagnosed with ovarian cancer.

How Civica Rx—the hospital-led generic drug venture—will 'shake up' the marketplace, according to Intermountain's Marc Harrison

March 19, 2019

In response to climbing generic drug prices, a group of hospitals last year launched a nonprofit generic drug company, called Civica Rx, to "ensure that essential generic medications are accessible and affordable," Intermountain Healthcare CEO Marc Harrison writes in a STAT News opinion piece.

The most competitive fields for new medical residents in 2019

March 19, 2019

A record number of medical school students last week were matched with their first year residency slots, and some fields were more competitive than others, according to the National Resident Matching Program.

The 9 fastest-growing jobs in health care—and how much they pay

March 18, 2019

Health care occupations make up nine of the 20 jobs that will grow the fastest by 2026, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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