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Sanders to release a more expansive Medicare-for-All proposal

March 13, 2019

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) in the coming weeks plans to introduce a new version of his so-called "Medicare-for-All" legislation that would expand benefits under the bill to include long-term care coverage.

Flu activity is 'widespread' in 48 states, CDC says

March 13, 2019

Between 22.8 million and 26.3 million people have been diagnosed with influenza so far this flu season, according to the latest reports.

Medicaid reforms, Medicare cuts, and more: Inside Trump's FY 2020 budget

March 12, 2019

The White House on Monday released President Trump's fiscal year 2020 budget proposal, which includes steep cuts to federal Medicaid funding, a national Medicaid work requirement, and a proposal to cut $854 billion in federal Medicare spending over 10 years.

For these smartwatch users, their devices were lifesavers (literally)

March 12, 2019

There is a growing list of individuals who say wearable devices, like Apple Watch and Fitbit, are going beyond fitness tracking and actually are saving lives.

This man was told he didn't have long to live—via video screen, family says

March 12, 2019

Ernest Quintana was rushed to the hospital due to labored breathing, and once he was there, a doctor on a video screen told Quintana he did not have long to live—leaving his family upset that the message had not come from an in-person caregiver, and highlighting potential ethical issues with telemedicine.

At least 366 patient deaths may be linked to surgical stapler problems, FDA warns

March 12, 2019

FDA on Friday unveiled a sweeping plan to improve surgical stapler and implantable staple safety, after a Kaiser Health News investigation revealed that FDA's internal database contains thousands of stapler-related adverse event reports.

Why would patients ditch their preferred hospitals? Blame 'surprise' bills.

March 12, 2019

Hospitals might "lose future patients" if those patients receive a surprise out-of-network bill following an elective procedure at their chosen hospitals, according to new study that focused on privately insured women who had given birth in recent years.

US progress on staph infections has stalled. Here's how CDC wants providers to respond.

March 12, 2019

A CDC report released last week showed U.S. progress on stemming bloodstream Staphylococcus aureus infections slowed from 2012 to 2017, prompting CDC to urge health care providers to recommit to using infection control recommendations.

The best way to quit antidepressants? Very, very slowly, researchers say.

March 12, 2019

Wading into a contentious debate on antidepressant withdrawal symptoms, two psychiatrists in a paper recently published in The Lancet challenge the conventional guidelines for weaning patients off of antidepressants, saying the process should take much longer than the current recommendation of four weeks.

The 23 US health care billionaires (and how they got their fortunes)

March 11, 2019

Forbes on Tuesday released its 2019 list of "The World's Billionaires," and 23 of the U.S. billionaires got their fortunes in the health care industry.

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