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FDA has approved a new weight-loss device. Here's how it works.

April 18, 2019

FDA in a rare move recently approved a new prescription weight-loss device that allows users to feel satiated without altering the bloodstream or targeting the brain.

DOJ charges 60 health care providers in largest-ever opioid take down

April 18, 2019

The Department of Justice on Wednesday announced federal prosecutors are charging 60 health care providers for their alleged involvement in illegally distributing millions of pain pills.

Should fentanyl be considered a weapon of mass destruction?

April 17, 2019

The Department of Homeland Security is considering whether to designate fentanyl as a weapon of mass destruction, according to an internal memo.

FDA halts US sales of vaginal mesh implants

April 17, 2019

FDA on Tuesday ordered the two remaining manufacturers of vaginal mesh implants to immediately stop selling and distributing the products in the United States, citing safety concerns.

CDC: Prescribing guidelines shouldn’t be used to deny opioids to cancer patients

April 17, 2019

In response to concerns about coverage denials for opioids, CDC officials in a letter sent last month to three oncology organizations clarified that its 2016 opioid prescribing guidelines should not be used to deny opioid drugs to patients experiencing chronic pain caused by cancer or sickle-cell disease.

Measles cases are on the rise—and so are vaccine exemptions

April 16, 2019

The United States is on pace to see the most reported measles cases since the disease was eliminated from the country in 2000, and vaccine exemptions are on the rise in some states, as some parents have found end runs around laws requiring vaccinations.

SCOTUS declines to hear case concerning Allergan patents transferred to Native American tribe

April 16, 2019

The Supreme Court on Monday declined to hear a case regarding the U.S. Patent Trial and Appeal Board's authority to determine the validity of patents Allergan transferred to the Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe.

How MACPAC wants to change DSH payments, Medicaid drug rebates, and more

April 16, 2019

Members of the Medicaid and CHIP Payment and Access Commission on Thursday voted to recommend Congress change statutory language governing Medicaid disproportionate share hospital payments and eliminate a cap on Medicaid drug rebates.

Should nurses be prosecuted for medical errors? A new case spurs debate.

April 16, 2019

Prosecutors in Tennessee have charged a nurse with reckless homicide and patient abuse for a fatal medical error—but some experts say the "unprecedented" charge could jeopardize patient safety by making hospital staff hesitant to report errors.

Rite Aid will stop selling e-cigarettes—but plans to start offering CBD-infused products

April 12, 2019

Rite Aid on Thursday announced that over the next 90 days it will stop selling all e-cigarettes and vaping products in response to increasing use of the products among U.S. youth.

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