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These lawmakers want HHS to start manufacturing generic drugs

December 20, 2018

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (R-Mass.) and Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-Ill.) have introduced legislation that would direct HHS to manufacture generic drugs in instances where generic competition is lacking in the U.S. market.

Veterans still face long wait times as costs for VCP soar, investigation finds

December 20, 2018

Veterans Affairs (VA) four years ago launched the VA Choice Program to expand veterans' access to private health care providers and cut down appointment wait times, but VA claims data show veterans continue to experience long wait times, a ProPublica/PolitiFact investigation finds.

The 'complex,' 'messy' reality of treating international patients

December 19, 2018

U.S. hospitals annually treat tens of thousands of seriously ill patients who have travelled from abroad, but care for these patients "is complex and, often, messy," because providers lack "effective tools to screen potential patients in real-time for who would most benefit" from care in a U.S. hospital, according to Richard Leiter, a palliative care physician and researcher at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute.

In the states: 4,000 mental health providers strike in California, Maine ordered to expand Medicaid in 2019, and more

December 14, 2018

American Health Line rounds up the latest health care news in the states.

The healthiest (and least healthy) states, mapped

December 13, 2018

Hawaii is the healthiest U.S. state, according to the United Health Foundation's latest rankings, which considers 38 measures related to clinical care, policies, health outcomes, and more.

'A giant step' or 'a disaster?' Why experts are split on the just-approved liver distribution policy.

December 11, 2018

The Organ Procurement and Transplantation Network and the United Network for Organ Sharing last week approved a new liver distribution policy intended to prioritize patients with the most urgent medical needs and reduce geographic disparities in the distribution of livers for transplant.

SCOTUS declines to hear case on whether patients can sue states over Medicaid funding

December 11, 2018

The Supreme Court denied requests from Kansas and Louisiana to hear cases regarding whether patients can challenge how states choose to allocate Medicaid funds—a decision that leaves in place lower court rulings barring the states from terminating Medicaid contracts with Planned Parenthood.

Most cancer-related deaths are decreasing—so why are rates of uterine cancer rising?

December 11, 2018

While most cancer-related deaths are declining, deaths due to uterine cancer are increasing, and black women are "disproportionately" affected, according to a new CDC report.

In the age of telemedicine, here's what it's like for doctors to work from home

December 11, 2018

At a time when physician burnout is rising, some physicians are opting to ditch the busy brick and mortar practice across town and instead see patients from the comfort their own homes.

Walgreens partners with FedEx to offer next-day Rx deliveries

December 7, 2018

Under a new partnership with FedEx, Walgreens customers can have their prescriptions delivered to them the next day for $4.99.

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