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FDA has approved a new weight-loss device. Here's how it works.

April 18, 2019

FDA in a rare move recently approved a new prescription weight-loss device that allows users to feel satiated without altering the bloodstream or targeting the brain.

How Yale scientists were able to restore pig brains' cellular activity hours after death

April 18, 2019

Scientists at Yale University on Wednesday published findings in Nature showing that they were able to restore cellular activity in the brains of slaughtered pigs 10 hours after the pigs died, raising new ethical questions about the definition of brain death.

FDA halts US sales of vaginal mesh implants

April 17, 2019

FDA on Tuesday ordered the two remaining manufacturers of vaginal mesh implants to immediately stop selling and distributing the products in the United States, citing safety concerns.

CDC: Prescribing guidelines shouldn’t be used to deny opioids to cancer patients

April 17, 2019

In response to concerns about coverage denials for opioids, CDC officials in a letter sent last month to three oncology organizations clarified that its 2016 opioid prescribing guidelines should not be used to deny opioid drugs to patients experiencing chronic pain caused by cancer or sickle-cell disease.

Emergency department visits reached a record high in 2016, CDC reports

April 12, 2019

Emergency departments were busier than ever in 2016, and fewer of their patients arrived seeking non-urgent care, according to the latest CDC data.

'A shuttered wreck of rust and mold': Why one Puerto Rican hospital remains shuttered, 18 months after Hurricane Maria

April 12, 2019

Nearly 18 months after Hurricane Maria ravaged Puerto Rico, a hospital on the nearby island of Vieques remains closed, forcing patients to travel to the main island to deliver babies and receive specialist care.

Map: The most (and least) stressed states in the US, according to WalletHub

April 11, 2019

WalletHub has released its annual list of the most stressed-out states in the nation, with Louisiana ranking as the most-stressed state and Minnesota ranking as the least-stressed.

Is Airbnb the next tech giant to target health care?

April 11, 2019

Airbnb last month announced that it is teaming up with two cancer organizations to expand a program that allows patients traveling far distances for critical medical care to stay in an Airbnb at no cost—a move that will increase the service's presence in the health care sector.

Sanofi to sell insulin for $99 per month for some patients

April 11, 2019

French drugmaker Sanofi on Wednesday announced it will set a fixed monthly price of $99 for insulin products for patients who pay cash in the United States.

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