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How MACPAC wants to change DSH payments, Medicaid drug rebates, and more

April 16, 2019

Members of the Medicaid and CHIP Payment and Access Commission on Thursday voted to recommend Congress change statutory language governing Medicaid disproportionate share hospital payments and eliminate a cap on Medicaid drug rebates.

Should nurses be prosecuted for medical errors? A new case spurs debate.

April 16, 2019

Prosecutors in Tennessee have charged a nurse with reckless homicide and patient abuse for a fatal medical error—but some experts say the "unprecedented" charge could jeopardize patient safety by making hospital staff hesitant to report errors.

Six states, DC sue USDA for rolling back school-lunch nutrition standards

April 8, 2019

Six states and the District of Columbia on Wednesday filed a lawsuit challenging the United States Department of Agriculture's final rule to undo school-lunch nutrition standards put in place under former President Barrack Obama's administration.

This reporter's 6-step playbook for patients fighting 'astounding' medical bills

April 5, 2019

After Vox's Sarah Kliff spent a year digging into what she considered "astounding" medical bills, she assembled a six-step playbook for patients who want to reduce, or even eliminate, their bills.

In the states: CVS offers same-day Rx delivery across US, Georgia legalizes needle exchanges, and more

April 5, 2019

American Health Line rounds up the latest health care news in the states.

Patients sue California hospital over recordings done without their consent

April 4, 2019

Sharp in a statement said the recordings were set up to detect a possible drug thief and were not intended to record patients.

Why 2 Republican AGs just urged an appeals court to save the ACA

April 3, 2019

Two Republican state attorneys general are calling on a federal appeals court to uphold the Affordable Care Act, as President Trump and GOP congressional leaders work to establish their plan of action if the case challenging the law ultimately reaches the Supreme Court, and the law is struck down.

How some doctors keep practicing medicine—even after surrendering their licenses

April 1, 2019

The United States' medical licensing system does not always preclude a doctor who surrenders a license in one state from practicing in another—potentially allowing physicians with a problematic past to continue seeing patients, according to an investigation by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, USA Today and MedPage Today.

Judge deals 2nd blow this week to Trump admin health regulations

March 29, 2019

A federal judge on Thursday blocked the Trump administration's final rule to expand U.S. residents' access to association health plans—marking the second time this week a judge has ruled against one of the administration's health care moves.

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