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When hospitals garnish patients' wages, the payoffs may be surprisingly small

June 28, 2019

More than one-third of hospitals in Virginia garnished patients' wages for outstanding debt in 2017—a controversial practice that ultimately drives just 0.1% of gross revenue for such hospitals, according to a study published Tuesday.

Oklahoma Supreme Court gives Medicaid expansion supporters a win

June 27, 2019

Oklahoma's Supreme Court last week validated the proposed text of a ballot initiative seeking to expand the state's Medicaid program, meaning expansion supporters can continue gathering signatures to add the measure to the state's 2020 ballot.

SCOTUS to hear case over $12B in unpaid risk corridors funds

June 26, 2019

The Supreme Court on Monday agreed to hear a case that centers on whether the federal government owes insurers $12 billion in risk corridors payments under the Affordable Care Act.

Appeals court allows Trump admin’s Title X rule to take effect

June 24, 2019

A federal appeals court on Thursday ruled that the Trump administration is allowed to enforce a final rule that bars providers and clinics that receive Title X family planning grants from providing or referring patients for abortion care in the same location as their family planning services.

Quest, LabCorp face class-action lawsuits following data breach

June 24, 2019

A number of class action lawsuits have been filed in both federal and state courts against Quest Diagnostics and Laboratory Corp. of America, claiming the companies failed to protect patients' sensitive data and notify patients in a timely manner of a data breach that affected almost 20 million people.

Drugmakers sue HHS over rule requiring prices in TV ads

June 17, 2019

Three pharmaceutical companies and the Association of National Advertisers on Friday filed a lawsuit challenging HHS' final rule to require drugmakers to disclose their products' list prices in consumer-directed television advertisements, claiming the final rule exceeds HHS' statutory authority and violates the First Amendment of the Constitution.

Apology laws lead to more—not fewer—lawsuits, study finds

June 17, 2019

Many experts believed that so-called "apology laws"—which allow doctors to apologize to patients for an error without that admission being used against them in court—might help reduce malpractice lawsuits, but an analysis published earlier this year shows they could have the opposite effect.

Planned Parenthood, ACLU sue Trump admin over 'conscience' rules

June 14, 2019

Advocacy groups on Tuesday filed lawsuits against HHS to block a Trump administration rule that will allow health care workers to deny care to patients based on the workers' religious beliefs.

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