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1 in 4 people with diabetes have rationed insulin. Here's why that's dangerous.

September 14, 2018

About one in four diabetics has resorted to rationing their insulin doses to combat rising prices—but the practice can have lethal consequences.

In the states: Maryland sues to keep ACA working; 4.3K Medicaid beneficiaries lose coverage in Arkansas, and more

September 14, 2018

American Health Line rounds up the latest health care news in the states.

Michigan proposes work requirements for Medicaid beneficiaries covered under expansion

September 12, 2018

Michigan officials are seeking CMS' permission to extend and amend the state's Medicaid expansion program, called Healthy Michigan, which currently covers about 655,000 state residents.

Why 4,500+ Arkansas residents are at risk of losing Medicaid coverage

September 11, 2018

The most recent state data show that a total of 4,574 Arkansas Medicaid beneficiaries had not complied with the state's work requirements in June and July, and as of Sept. 3 had not yet met the requirements for August, meaning are at risk of losing their Medicaid coverage.

'An urgent public health issue': Severe delivery complication rates jumped 45% from 2006 to 2015, report finds

September 10, 2018

A recent Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality report shows that while overall maternal mortality rates fell, the rate of pregnant U.S. women experiencing complications during labor increased by 45% from 2006 through 2015.

Maine gov. submits proposal to expand Medicaid—and asks CMS to reject it

September 6, 2018

Maine Gov. Paul LePage (R) is urging CMS to reject a Medicaid expansion proposal his administration submitted to the agency under court order.

South Dakota proposes Medicaid work requirements for caregivers, parents

August 30, 2018

South Dakota officials are seeking CMS' permission to implement a five-year pilot program, called the Career Connector program, that would impose work requirements on the state's traditional Medicaid beneficiaries who are caretakers or parents and live in two of the state's most populous counties.

'Win-win': Why this Ohio hospital entered the real-estate business

August 27, 2018

Nationwide Children's Hospital over the last decade has invested more than $6 million in the nearby Southern Orchards neighborhood in Columbus, Ohio—and the arrangement is turning out to be beneficial both for the hospital and its patients.

Court strikes down ACA tax on Medicaid managed care plans

August 24, 2018

A ruling from the U.S. District Court for the Northern Division of Texas states that a tax on Medicaid managed care plans implemented under the Affordable Care Act is unconstitutional because it essentially resulted in the federal government taxing states.

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