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Apology laws lead to more—not fewer—lawsuits, study finds

June 17, 2019

Many experts believed that so-called "apology laws"—which allow doctors to apologize to patients for an error without that admission being used against them in court—might help reduce malpractice lawsuits, but an analysis published earlier this year shows they could have the opposite effect.

CMS OKs Washington's 'subscription' payment model for hepatitis C drugs

June 14, 2019

CMS on Wednesday approved Washington's plan to negotiate value-based drug agreements with the makers of hepatitis C treatments under a subscription-like model.

Can medical marijuana reduce fatal opioid overdoses? Maybe not.

June 13, 2019

A study published Monday casts doubt on claims that medical marijuana legalization could reduce opioid-related overdose deaths by giving patients an alternative pain treatment.

Officials launch investigations into data breach affecting Quest, LabCorp

June 12, 2019

Federal and state officials have launched investigations into a data breach that might have exposed the personal information of nearly 12 million Quest Diagnostics patients and eight million Laboratory Corp. of America patients.

California poised to expand Medicaid to 90,000 undocumented adults

June 10, 2019

California lawmakers on Sunday reached an agreement on a state budget bill that would make the state the first to provide full health insurance benefits to certain undocumented adults.

'Medical mementos': What happens when patients want to keep their body parts after surgery?

June 7, 2019

It is not uncommon for patients to take home their organs and medical devices as keepsakes or souvenirs after a surgery, and there are safeguards in place to protect patients when they do so.

How a Colorado community directly negotiated with a hospital to lower prices by 20%

June 7, 2019

Faced with high insurance premiums, residents of Summit County, Colorado, decided to negotiate prices directly with a local hospital before getting an insurer involved—and their effort has led to a significant reduction in premiums.

Is there a looming palliative and home health care crisis?

June 6, 2019

Research suggests that the United States could soon face crises related to palliative and long-term home health care, as a palliative care provider shortage continues to mount and U.S. residents struggle to cover home health care costs.

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