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What research reveals about the 'pervasive' racial bias in health care

March 6, 2019

When it comes to racial bias in medicine, "[w]e hope we are better today," but a close look at the most recent evidence is "not as encouraging as you might think," according to Aaron Carroll, a professor of pediatrics.

What will the hospital bracelet of the future look like? (Hint: It's not a bracelet at all.)

March 5, 2019

Hospitals across the country are ditching the traditional paper patient ID bracelet and introducing high-tech alternatives—including some that eliminate the wristband altogether.

CMS will penalize 800 hospitals for hospital-acquired conditions, the latest data show

March 4, 2019

This fiscal year, 800 hospitals will face monetary penalties under Medicare's Hospital-Acquired Condition Reduction Program—the highest number since the program was established five years ago. See how hospitals fared with American Health Line's interactive pay-for-performance map.

What do we actually know about CBD? (Hint: Not much.)

March 4, 2019

Cannabidiol (CBD)-infused products are popping up everywhere from coffee shops to corner markets, promising to ease anxiety, soothe eczema, and even treat diabetes—but experts warn that these products are unregulated, and very little is known about CBD's medicinal effects or potential hazards.

FDA warns against using robots to assist with breast cancer surgeries

March 4, 2019

FDA in a public safety notice published Thursday warned health care providers and patients that the agency has not approved the use of surgical robots for mastectomy procedures or the prevention and treatment of cancer.

This journalist is one of America's 'Top Doctors.' (Spoiler: He's not a doctor.)

March 1, 2019

Marshall Allen has been reporting on health care for 13 years, but after receiving an award for being a "Top Doctor" in the United States, Allen—who does not have a medical degree—grew "curious" about how companies determine who is worthy of these superlative medical awards.

Harris Health System has 500+ Maria Garcias—with the same birthday. Here's how it keeps them straight.

February 27, 2019

Biometric technology has improved in recent years and is now used in everything from law enforcement to unlocking smartphones—and hospitals increasingly are adopting the technology to improve patient identification and reduce harm.

Drug ads might be downplaying risks—and federal rules could be to blame

February 27, 2019

Federal law requires drugmakers to include both major and minor side effects in advertisements, but a study suggests that the information could be overwhelming and interfere with a consumer's understanding of a drug's true risk.

CMS will resume terminating low-performing MA, Part D plans

February 26, 2019

CMS said it could terminate Medicare Advantage and Medicare Part D plans that have failed to receive a summary quality rating of at least three stars for three consecutive years.

Purdue execs intentionally downplayed OxyContin's strength, Propublica reports after obtaining sealed testimony

February 22, 2019

Richard Sackler, a former executive at Purdue Pharmaceuticals, allegedly agreed to an internal plan to conceal OxyContin's strength from physicians, according to sealed testimony obtained by ProPublica—but Purdue in a statement claimed the testimony "supports that the company accurately disclosed the potency of OxyContin to health care providers."
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