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FDA halts US sales of vaginal mesh implants

April 17, 2019

FDA on Tuesday ordered the two remaining manufacturers of vaginal mesh implants to immediately stop selling and distributing the products in the United States, citing safety concerns.

Should nurses be prosecuted for medical errors? A new case spurs debate.

April 16, 2019

Prosecutors in Tennessee have charged a nurse with reckless homicide and patient abuse for a fatal medical error—but some experts say the "unprecedented" charge could jeopardize patient safety by making hospital staff hesitant to report errors.

Hep C-infected organs can be safely transplanted into non-infected patients, another study finds

April 8, 2019

Hearts and lungs donated from people who were hepatitis C-positive can be safely transplanted into non-infected patients, according to a study published last week.

FDA cracks down on unapproved stem cell treatments

April 8, 2019

FDA on Wednesday sent warning letters to at least 20 companies the agency believes are offering unapproved stem-cell treatments and products to consumers.

When is it time for a doctor to retire? Here are 6 'red flags,' according to a 70-year-old physician.

April 8, 2019

A growing number of doctors are working beyond retirement age, and patients being treated by these aging doctors might "wonder whether [their] doctor is still competent" and if they should be looking for a younger physician, Jonathan Maltz, a 70-year-old family physician, writes in a Washington Post perspective.

How urgent care centers are better than EDs, according to Yelp reviewers

April 2, 2019

As urgent care centers become a popular alternative to the emergency department (ED), Yelp reviews can offer insight into what EDs lack in comparison—and where they have an advantage, according to a study published in the Annals of Emergency Medicine.

The 10 healthiest communities in the US, according to US News

April 1, 2019

U.S. News & World Report on Tuesday released its Healthiest Communities Rankings, which list counties and county equivalents that score highly on 10 health-related criteria.

How some doctors keep practicing medicine—even after surrendering their licenses

April 1, 2019

The United States' medical licensing system does not always preclude a doctor who surrenders a license in one state from practicing in another—potentially allowing physicians with a problematic past to continue seeing patients, according to an investigation by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, USA Today and MedPage Today.

Most children's hospitals can avoid the value-based care revolution. So why is this hospital taking the plunge?

April 1, 2019

Although value-based care models are optional for children's hospitals, Dayton Children's Hospital is choosing to take on value-based financial risk.

Should FDA regulate EHRs? Media investigation highlighting EHR-related patient harm raises the question.

March 26, 2019

Outgoing FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb on Wednesday called for greater scrutiny of electronic health record (EHR) systems, after an investigation by Kaiser Health News and Fortune identified thousands of patient injuries, including some deaths, tied to EHRs.
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