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WHO releases draft of ICD-11

June 20, 2018

The World Health Organization releases a draft of its latest International Classification of Diseases—a compendium of about 55,000 unique codes for causes of death, diseases, and injuries.

Lawmakers approve dozens of bills to address opioid epidemic

June 18, 2018

The House, which last week considered nearly 40 bills intended to address the opioid epidemic, is scheduled to continue voting on opioid-related legislation this week.

How states can use federal Medicaid funds to combat the opioid epidemic, according to CMS

June 13, 2018

Two new CMS documents detail ways states can access federal Medicaid resources to help address the opioid epidemic.

Who's your emergency contact? Medical researchers want to know—but bioethicists are worried.

June 12, 2018

Researchers at several prominent New York City-based hospitals are using patients' emergency contact information to build family trees in hopes of using the data to improve care—but one bioethicist says the practice is unethical.

EHR vendor prevails in SCOTUS case regarding employee arbitration clauses

May 23, 2018

The lawsuit, which involves electronic health records vendor Epic, centers on whether employers are allowed to use arbitration clauses in employee contracts to prohibit workers from coming together in a class-action lawsuit to challenge potential labor law violations.

VA signs contract with Cerner to replace its EHR system

May 21, 2018

Acting Veterans Affairs Secretary Robert Wilkie says, "Signing this contract … is an enormous win for our nation's veterans."

Report says 'critical' issues with DOD's new EHR system could affect patient safety

May 16, 2018

A Department of Defense report flags "critical" issues with the department's new MHS Genesis electronic health record (EHR) system—which also is being considered to replace the current EHR system at Veterans Affairs.

FDA seeks EHR system to aid in research on adverse events

May 10, 2018

FDA says it is seeking to implement an electronic health record system that the agency can use to examine the "safety and surveillance of FDA regulated products" by reviewing and analyzing Veterans Affairs health records and other data for adverse reactions to medications.

Telehealth, transportation, and more: How CMS plans to improve rural health

May 9, 2018

CMS' first-ever rural health strategy outlines five objectives that aim to improve access to high-quality and affordable care for the approximately 60 million people who live in rural regions of the United States.

Fitbit just teamed up with Google. Here's how it could affect your medical records.

May 4, 2018

Fitbit plans to use Google's new Cloud Healthcare API platform to connect the Fitbit's user-generated data with electronic health records.

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