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Meet the 2019 Nobel laureates in medicine

October 8, 2019

Two U.S. researchers and a British scientist who discovered how cells sense and adapt to changes in oxygen levels have won this year's Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine, the Nobel committee announced on Monday.

Buttigieg released his plan to lower Rx drug prices. Here's what's inside.

October 8, 2019

South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg (D), who is seeking the 2020 Democratic nomination for president, on Monday released a plan intended to lower U.S. prescription drug costs that calls for allowing federal officials to negotiate the prices of drugs covered by some public health plans, capping some U.S. residents' out-of-pocket costs for drugs, and more.

Stranded at 30,000 feet with no lifesaving drugs: US drug shortage hits the skies

October 8, 2019

The Federal Aviation Administration requires airlines to carry certain lifesaving drugs onboard every flight but, in recent years, a growing number of airlines have received exemptions for planes to fly without all the drugs because of shortages.

White House claims drug prices are dropping, but experts are pushing back

October 7, 2019

The White House's Council on Economic Advisers on Thursday issued a report claiming the consumer price index showed prescription drug prices have decreased, but experts have argued the index inaccurately represents drug costs, in part because it does not account for the high prices of specialty drugs.

Personal injury lawsuit ads targeting drugmakers might be 'deceptive,' FTC warns

October 7, 2019

The Federal Trade Commission last month sent warning letters to seven law firms and marketing companies, warning that their ads seeking patients for personal injury lawsuits against drugmakers could violate federal law and cause patients to avoid taking their medications.

She's a researcher on one of the biggest Alzheimer's studies. Now, her husband is a participant.

October 7, 2019

Dorene Rentz, a neurology professor at Harvard Medical School, has studied Alzheimer's disease for over 30 years, and now, her husband has joined one of her biggest studies as a participant.

Trump issues executive order to expand private Medicare plans

October 4, 2019

President Trump on Thursday issued an executive order that aims to expand private Medicare Advantage (MA) plans, more closely align Medicare fee-for-service payments with MA and commercial plans, and implement other Medicare reforms.

Retailers pull popular heartburn drugs after FDA finds cancer-causing chemical

October 4, 2019

FDA this week announced that it has found "unacceptable levels" of the cancer-causing chemical it has detected in ranitidine drugs used to treat heartburn, including the common brand-name drug Zantac.

DOJ inspectors slam DEA's efforts to prevent opioid epidemic

October 3, 2019

The Drug Enforcement Administration did not do enough to regulate the U.S. opioid supply over the past 20 years, even as the country's opioid epidemic worsened, according to a report released Tuesday by the Department of Justice's Office of Inspector General.

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