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An unvaccinated 6-year-old's fight against tetanus took 8 weeks and $800K

March 13, 2019

In the first case of its kind in more than 30 years, a six-year-old boy from Oregon who had never been vaccinated entered an eight-week long fight for his life after falling ill with tetanus in 2017, according to a CDC report published last week.

Medicaid reforms, Medicare cuts, and more: Inside Trump's FY 2020 budget

March 12, 2019

The White House on Monday released President Trump's fiscal year 2020 budget proposal, which includes steep cuts to federal Medicaid funding, a national Medicaid work requirement, and a proposal to cut $854 billion in federal Medicare spending over 10 years.

The best way to quit antidepressants? Very, very slowly, researchers say.

March 12, 2019

Wading into a contentious debate on antidepressant withdrawal symptoms, two psychiatrists in a paper recently published in The Lancet challenge the conventional guidelines for weaning patients off of antidepressants, saying the process should take much longer than the current recommendation of four weeks.

The 23 US health care billionaires (and how they got their fortunes)

March 11, 2019

Forbes on Tuesday released its 2019 list of "The World's Billionaires," and 23 of the U.S. billionaires got their fortunes in the health care industry.

Is at-home cancer treatment 'closer than you might think'?

March 11, 2019

Cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy can spend "hours a day in physician offices or outpatient clinics," but research shows providing cancer treatment at home could be a more effective solution, two oncologists write in STAT News.

Lawmakers look to expand, bolster proposed rule targeting drug rebates

March 8, 2019

Federal lawmakers are working on legislation that would bolster the Trump administration's proposal to revise federal protections that currently allow drug manufacturers to pay rebates to Medicare and Medicaid insurers and pharmacy benefit managers.

There's no link between the MMR vaccine and autism, a new study shows (again)

March 6, 2019

Children who received the measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccine did not have a higher risk of developing autism than children who did not receive the vaccine, according to a study published this week—adding to the body of evidence debunking unfounded claims that there is an association between the MMR vaccine and developing autism.

FDA OKs new depression treatment for first time in decades—but it comes with a strong warning

March 6, 2019

FDA on Tuesday approved a nasal spray antidepressant derived from the anesthetic ketamine to treat adults with severe depression who do not respond to other treatments, but the agency included a boxed warning on the drug and has stipulated that it can only be administered in a health care facility.

How this children's hospital turned a $33M investment into a $456M payday

March 5, 2019

Roche Holding last week purchased Children's Hospital of Philadelphia's (CHOP) drug spinoff Spark Therapeutics for $4.8 billion, bringing CHOP an estimated 20-fold return on its investment.

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