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Is there a looming palliative and home health care crisis?

June 6, 2019

Research suggests that the United States could soon face crises related to palliative and long-term home health care, as a palliative care provider shortage continues to mount and U.S. residents struggle to cover home health care costs.

We 'must do better': Why this doctor wrote an open apology for a patient's death

May 23, 2019

Home hospice care demands a tremendous amount from family members, and when providers fail to adequately prepare a family to carry out those responsibilities, their loved one can wind up back in the hospital, where they do not want to be, according to Daniela Lamas, a pulmonary and critical care physician at Brigham and Women's Hospital.

The critical first step in end-of-life conversations, according to this Cleveland Clinic doctor

May 2, 2019

Having end-of-life conversations with patients is never easy, but learning more about patients' priorities and lives outside of the hospital can make the difficult moments go a bit smoother, according to Mikkael Sekeres, director of the leukemia program at the Cleveland Clinic.

CMS proposes payment increases for SNFs, hospice facilities for FY 2020

April 22, 2019

CMS on Friday released proposed rules that would increase fiscal year (FY) 2020 Medicare payments for skilled nursing facilities by 2.5%, or $887 million, and hospice facilities by 2.7%, or $540 million, when compared with FY 2019.

In the states: CDC ties multi-state E. coli outbreak to ground beef, Ohio gov. signs 'heartbeat' abortion ban into law, and more

April 19, 2019

American Health Line rounds up the latest health care news in the states.

This intervention reduced anxiety and depression among end-of-life patients by half

April 17, 2019

Training providers to improve end-of-life communication with patients can help reduce anxiety and depression in patients significantly, according to two studies published in JAMA Internal Medicine and JAMA Oncology.

The 'complex,' 'messy' reality of treating international patients

December 19, 2018

U.S. hospitals annually treat tens of thousands of seriously ill patients who have travelled from abroad, but care for these patients "is complex and, often, messy," because providers lack "effective tools to screen potential patients in real-time for who would most benefit" from care in a U.S. hospital, according to Richard Leiter, a palliative care physician and researcher at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute.

75% of end-of-life surrogates are 'extremely confident' they know patients' wishes. (They're mostly wrong.)

December 18, 2018

A recent study found that 75% of patient surrogates were confident they knew their patients' wishes, but just 21% actually did.

Why Providence St. Joseph is reimagining end-of-life care

September 24, 2018

As part of a system-wide effort to improve end-of-life care, Providence St. Joseph is aiming to increase by 2% the number of patients who have advanced directives and designated decision-makers for end-of-life care.

Hospice has grown in popularity—and it's vulnerable to fraud, HHS' OIG finds

August 2, 2018

CMS says, "The agency takes the oversight role of the Medicare hospice program seriously and is aggressively focused on reducing and eliminating fraud, waste, and abuse."

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