A Look Back: Policymakers' Prescriptions for Drug Access

Topics: Access to Care, Costs and Prices, Health Care Reform, Prescription Drugs, Insurance, Federal Government, Health Care Legislation, Regulatory

More than three-quarters of U.S. residents say ensuring affordability of high-cost drugs for chronic conditions for those who need such medications should be a "top health care priority" for Congress and the president, according to a Kaiser Family Foundation poll released earlier this fall. 

Further, 74% of Democrats and 56% of Republicans say Congress and the president should consider government action to decrease prescription drug prices should be a top health care priority.

As lawmakers lay out plans to target drug pricing, American Health Line looked back at previous efforts aimed at addressing the issue.  Through legislation, lawmakers have targeted specific conditions, such as HIV/AIDS, and sought to help specific populations, such as seniors and the disabled.

Use this timeline to for an overview of major efforts to tackle concerns about drug pricing and accessibility.