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AHL feature: Is health care's 'retail revolution' here? Depends what you mean.

November 21, 2017

Consumers have more choices than ever about where to seek care, but experts say a true "retail revolution," in which patients regularly shop around for the best prices, has yet to reach the health care industry. American Health Line spoke with stakeholders to learn about the obstacles holding the industry back.

The top 10 challenges facing HHS

November 21, 2017

HHS' Office of Inspector General in a new report lists the top management and performance challenges facing HHS, including addressing the U.S. opioid misuse epidemic; ensuring program integrity for Medicare and Medicaid; and ensuring that the country's drugs, food, and medical devices are safe.

CDC: 28.8M US residents were uninsured in first half of 2017

November 21, 2017

CDC says the number of uninsured U.S. residents during the first six months of 2017 had not changed significantly when compared with 2016.

Was this the first marijuana overdose death? Not so fast, doctors warn

November 21, 2017

Amid recent headlines about the "first marijuana overdose," doctors who authored a case report on the first death "associated with" cannabis are urging the public not to jump to the conclusion that marijuana killed the affected child.

White House says opioid misuse cost US more than $500B in 2015

November 21, 2017

The White House Council of Economic Advisers estimates that the cost of the U.S. opioid misuse epidemic in 2015 was equivalent to about 3% of the national total annual gross domestic product.

Ariz. Supreme Court upholds hospital assessment that funds state's Medicaid expansion

November 21, 2017

Arizona Supreme Court Chief Justice Scott Bales in the unanimous ruling writes, "The assessment is imposed by the director on hospitals, a narrow class, and directly benefits hospitals by expanding coverage for uninsured patients, thereby increasing payments to the hospitals."

Shulkin wants to further integrate private providers into VA health system

November 21, 2017

Veterans Affairs (VA) Secretary David Shulkin says he would like to expand the VA health system's use of private health care providers as a way "to give veterans more choice in their care and be the decision maker for their care, which [he] fundamentally believe[s] is a concept that has to be implemented."

How doctors are responding to negative online reviews

November 21, 2017

As health care consumers increasingly post doctor ratings online, hospitals and physicians have adopted a wide variety of strategies to address negative reviews, ranging from suing commentators for defamation to soliciting additional feedback.

For the 'bedless hospital,' the future is now, Harvard professor argues

November 21, 2017

Neel Shah, an assistant professor at Harvard Medical School and director of the Delivery Decisions Initiative at Ariadne Labs says the U.S. health care system must break "the association of hospitals with beds" in order to "produce more health rather than just deliver more health care."

Is it time for flu vaccines to break out of their (egg)shell?

November 20, 2017

The vast majority of influenza vaccine doses are made from viruses grown in eggs, but that process can cause inconsistencies that make the vaccine less effective, leading some experts to suggest it is time to abandon the egg-based process altogether.

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