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He was jailed as a 'fake doctor.' 20 years later, he's a real MD.

August 9, 2019

Adam Litwin has wanted to be a doctor since he was a child—so much so that, in 2000, he went to jail for impersonating one—and now, almost 20 years later, he has graduated from medical school.

How to use Twitter, according to a health system's Chief Medical Social Media Officer

August 8, 2019

As patients increasingly turn to the internet for health care information, Austin Chiang, a gastroenterologist and the first chief medical social media officer for Jefferson Health, describes how doctors can improve their social media presence to connect patients with the right information.

Why are doctors setting up shop in the mall? It's 'a symbiotic relationship.'

August 7, 2019

A 2,300-square-foot walk-in clinic will soon open in the Mall of America—part of a growing trend that has seen mall leases for medical clinics grow by nearly 60% since 2017.

How this 47-year-old car mechanic became a doctor

August 6, 2019

Carl Allamby was a car mechanic for over 20 years, but he discovered his love for medicine after taking a class at a local community college—and now, at the age of 47, he has become a doctor, inspired in part by a desire to help address the shortage of black physicians.

Why AdventHealth is offering 10,000 Floridians free DNA testing

August 6, 2019

AdventHealth last month launched a $2 million DNA test project and began offering free DNA tests to 10,000 Florida patients—but some ethics experts warn that participants might not be fully aware as to how their DNA data can be used.

CMS finalizes 2020 payment rules for SNFs, hospices, inpatient rehab, psych facilities

August 5, 2019

CMS last week released rules finalizing Medicare payment adjustments for skilled nursing facilities, hospices, and inpatient rehabilitation and psychiatric facilities for fiscal year 2020.

How Medicare wants to help doctors fill in the gaps in patients' medical histories

August 5, 2019

CMS on Tuesday unveiled a new pilot program intended to help providers fill gaps in Medicare beneficiaries' medical histories by giving providers access to Medicare claims data that contain a beneficiary's previous diagnoses, procedures, and more.

The highest- and lowest-paid doctors, charted

July 29, 2019

Modern Healthcare last week released its annual Physician Compensation Survey, which lists average annual compensation for 23 provider specialties.

What too much work does to your DNA. (Hint: It's not good.)

July 29, 2019

The medical community long has debated whether medical residents are overworked, and a study published earlier this year revealed that "long hours, disrupted sleep and constant stress can take a biological toll on newly minted doctors. Down to the level of their genes," Dhruv Khullar, an assistant professor of health care policy at Weill Cornell Medicine, writes for the New York Times' "Well."

These 'Big Three' medical conditions account for 62% of diagnostic errors

July 26, 2019

Diagnostic errors for cancers, infections, and vascular events accounted for more than 60% of medical malpractice claims over a 10-year period, according to a study published this month in the journal Diagnosis.

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